Bija Blog!

Welcome to the Bija Blog! 

Bija is the handbag we've been dreaming about. It is chic. It is light-weight, easy to carry, soft, supple. It is expertly crafted and durable.  Timeless.  And, bloody hard to find! 

(Enter, Stage Right, Mary, Nettie, and Moira, a fifty-something bohemian mother and her two chic and fabulous thirty-something daughters.  They sit down together at Mary’s breakfast table and begin drinking coffee.  Actually, Nettie only drinks tea and Mary only sips espresso.  Moira drinks coffee.) 

Mary: Why not just make the bag we've all been pining for?

Nettie: Yeah, why not?  I’m up for a new (ad)venture.

Moira: Cool.

(All three exit Stage Left.  Lights down.  Fifteen months pass.  Lights up: Mary and Nettie are sitting at the same breakfast table with a laptop open in front of them.  Moira is visible on Skype.)

Mary: So, where are we on the handbag.

Nettie: We have a name and a website.

Moira.  Cool.  

Mary: But, we don’t actually have a bag yet.

Nettie: No, but we have several samples and a lot of leather. 

Moira: And we’ve got pictures. 

Mary: So, we’ve got everything we need for a blog, but nothing for actually selling a product.  

Nettie: Yes!

Moira: Good idea.  

Mary: What is.

Nettie: A blog about the process of creating a handbag - you know, the initial concept, choosing materials, finding the right manufacturer, being environmentally and ethically conscious about the process. All that.  

Moira: Cool. 

(Lights dim, Mary exits Stage Left, Nettie signs out of Skype and begins to type.)