Just the Three of Us

Meet the women of Bija: Mary, Moira, and Nettie.

It's just the three of us.  We are more than enough. 


Mary is a bohemian living a conventional life as a mother and wife.  

She is also a marketing genius and a once-upon-a-time seamstress (back when fashion was neither affordable nor accessible to small-town America).  She travels constantly but never for business.  Unless you consider yoga part of her business, which it kind of is.    


Moira is an actress.

When we began this venture she was living in L.A. and was looking for a way to support her acting career other than via the tired cliché (waiting tables).  Moira is also obsessed with shoes and handbags.  She knows everything about everything to do with shoes and handbags.  Her shoe fetish isn't totally relevant here, except that they are so often an important factor when choosing a handbag.    


Nettie is an attorney who was tired of working for other people and actually just tired of working as an attorney.

She'd just been through a life-changing illness - the kind that allows you to suspend normal life and, if you chose, start over as a completely different person.  Part of her new beginning was the recognition that (A) from this point forward she will only ever be her own boss and (B) the playful creative artist part of her absolutely must be allowed to take form.